Be well with Shelle  4 week program

Be well with Shelle 4 week program

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Experience a more joyful, balanced and fulfilling life


“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford


Are you overcoming big changes in life and not sure how to navigate this new path forward? Do you feel more is possible for you, you just don’t know how? Are you feeling frustrated and fed up with your current life? Do want to experience a life more fulfilled, more joyful and balanced? Do you want to have more health and wellness in your life? How much more enjoyable would your life be if you learnt how to choose happiness in every experience?


Have you found yourself acting in self-defeating ways in your personal and work lives because of unhappiness? How have you been able to change these patterns of behaviour?


If any of these questions resonate with you then this 4-week wellness program is the perfect place for you to learn how you can live the life you always dreamt of but never quite knew how. You will be given different tools to begin the process of turning your life around, providing you with new purpose and more focussed direction towards living a life that is more fulfilling and filled with joy.


This program is structured so you can understand what happens within your body and mind when you implement mindfulness, movement and gratitude in to your daily life. You will learn how your body functions to help you feel good and improve your whole wellbeing – physically, mentally and emotionally.


  • Do you hear that you should include meditation in your day but wonder how you’ll find the time to fit it in?
  • Do you have all the best intentions to commit to self-improvement but loose motivation when the crazy busyness of life takes over?
  • Do you wonder why we are encouraged to meditate, to move, to be grateful? Why is it so beneficial for our happiness and wellbeing?


If you have asked yourself any of these questions and, like me, need to know the reason behind why we need to do things to help you stay motivated then this program for you!  

  • Be well with Shelle overview

    Physical healing requires rest, however emotional healing requires work.

    This program teaches you how to implement what you learn in to your life to make lasting changes. You will use the combined principals of yoga and basic cognitive behavioural therapy to support you throughout your healing journey. Yoga doesn’t provide a cure for life, but it does give us a proven method to help us cope with it. If you are ready and willing to do the work, it will change your life!


    This wellness program will be delivered online over a 4-week period so you can go through each section in the comfort of your own home. This program will start you on your journey to changing your mindset and finding more peace and joy within your life. Each week you will receive via email a workbook, yoga classes, guided meditations and inspirational videos all associated with the topic for the week to keep you focussed and motivated. Create the time and space for personal development and growth.


    You will cover the following topics and will discover how to improve your resilience

    Week 1: Recognizing the connection between your body and mind

    Week 2 - Creating new habits and thought patterns

    Week 3 – Reconnect to yourself

    Week 4 – Take action and integrate the knowledge and tools in to your daily routine


    Remember… none of these actions are effective without ongoing effort. Therefore, each week will be structured in way that helps you understand the rationale behind each topic, and the way in which it can improve your life.  You’ll then learn some different techniques to help you find one that resonates with you. There will be a series of guided yoga and meditation sessions you can follow at your convenience throughout the week, following the recommendations within each section. You’ll also have a workbook with journaling points to consider and reflect upon, allowing you to return to any part of the program if you need to refresh your understanding.


    Today is the perfect time to turn inward, understand who you really are and use this clarity to pivot your life towards what brings you joy, what fills your cup and how to choose happiness. Choosing happiness is not the absence of problems, it's giving you the ability to deal with them.

    Let’s get you started on your journey to finding peace within, feeling great about yourself, and fuelling a healthy, happy life! This program will help you:

    • Reconnect with your inspired inner voice
    • Discover true inner peace and remember what makes you happy
    • Discover your unique life's purpose and gain insight and knowledge of your inner self
    • Learn personalised tools to change your mind-set
    • Interrupt negative behaviours and create new habits and healthy patterns in your life
    • Enjoy regular yoga and mindful practices
    • Commit to physical and mental health - for the right reasons
    • Feel equipped to take charge of your wellness

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