How to live in uncertainty without letting it turn in to fear

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

We are certainly living in unprecedented times. During these unusual times, none of us know what to expect or what is next, and with this uncertainty it can be easy to slip in to a place of fear. For example, because of the world shutting down in crisis mode many of us are losing our jobs, our incomes and our security. This is terrifying and can evoke extreme feelings of fear and anxiety.

So… let’s take a minute to examine fear we begin to understand that there is very little physiological difference between fear and excitement. The same part of the brain is activated and releases hormones that initiate the sympathetic nervous system, the flight or fight response. Obviously if we are truly in danger, this response is perfect for us to act and either run or fight! However, if we always associate this response to a negative thought or feeling we will find we end up responding to uncertainty with fear and anxiety, rather than excitement and openness. We focus on the negative of the situation rather than finding opportunity.

I am now on the list of the unemployed as a direct result of the world coronavirus pandemic. I could focus on this fact, and feel overwhelmed and paralysed by fear. However, I choose instead to see this as an opportunity to finally have the time to rest, finally have the space in my life to create, to write, to learn and to build my own business.

Here are three things that have helped me to stay positive and to focus on opportunity rather than loss.

One thing that we remind ourselves is that change is inevitable,

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