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Be well with Shell - coaching and yoga to help you choose happiness

I'm so grateful to be sharing my journey with you! I know we all have our own unique journeys, it's makes us who we are today, and allows us to connect with like-minded people. Ever since I can remember I've wanted to use my life experiences as a way to connect with and help others. My life has been a little like a roller-coaster since I was as young as 3 yrs old, and it's the beautiful supportive community I've been fortunate to have around me that has helped me to navigate the ups and downs of my journey.


I'm a qualified yoga teacher, I teach from the heart and believe our practice meets us wherever we are at in life. Yoga has helped support me physically and emotionally and really has changed my life! I'm a qualified happiness and wellness coach, and studied positive psychology and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I love delving in to positive psychology and using the principals to help me manage my ability to over analyze and over-think a problem, to improve my self-talk and self-doubt, and enhance my relationships. I'm also a qualified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, both helping to support a shift in mindset. I believe that our life changes begin with changing how we think and talk to ourselves.

I love the metaphor that we are all climbing our own mountain range, I am not any higher on my mountain than you, but from my mountain I can see things on your mountain from a different perspective, one that can help you to navigate the ups and downs of your mountain range feeling supported, happier and more confident.  My dream is to support others to navigate their own way to happiness!

"I've attended Michelle’s yoga classes and workshops and her experience as a yoga instructor has never failed to run amazing workshops. Everything from the structure of the day, the theme and of course, the variety of yoga that you get to experience during the day has been catered to suit you, no matter what your level of yoga is.
I always learn something new from my personal experience of the day.
Thank you again Michelle for putting together such an informative and amazing day! Looking forward to your next one."

Nik Hurl

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Yin and Gin
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The Yoga Room Scarborough
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The Yoga Room Scarborough, Scarborough Beach Rd
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Learn self love through yoga
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Scarborough, WA, Australia
Nothing Like It
Change your mindset and learn to weather the storms of life
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Time is TBD
Scarborough, WA, Australia
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