Be well with Shelle is a holistic approach to wellness incorporating coaching, massage and yoga. There’s always a reason to be happy, and my personalised programs are designed to teach you how to choose happiness in every moment, regardless of what stresses you’re experiencing in life. Be Well with Shelle programs will help you create a balanced lifestyle and bring more wellness and happiness in every aspect of your life.

Our unique journey makes us who we are today, helping us to grow in unexpected ways and allowing us to connect more deeply with like-minded people. My life has been a little like a roller-coaster and it's the beautiful supportive community I've been fortunate to have around me that has helped me to navigate the many ups and downs. As a result I have always wanted to use these experiences and the lessons I’ve learned as a way to connect with and help others.

I'm a qualified yoga teacher, happiness and wellness coach and Swedish masseuse. I have studied wellness coaching, positive psychology and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and NLP and hypnosis. I love learning about how our mindset can change our lives and applying the principals to help improve my own mindset, self-talk, and relationships.

I believe that our life changes begin with changing how we think and talk to ourselves.

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